The First Light Difference

Preparation and Planning

We will guide you with a very simple DIY training plan that requires little or no equipment and develops the three areas mentioned earlier, optimally . Its been used by people of all abilities and can be very easily adapts to to an individuals level. We often find that people overestimate the effort and underestimate their capability.

Food & Accommodation on the trek

We do our best to provide the better accommodation available in places with otherwise limited infrastructure. Our teahouses are basic yet comfortable and although the food may be simple, it is nutritious. Just what the body needs. We encourage our co-travellers to stay vegetarian for practical reasons while on the trek.

Safety & Emergency Support

We comprehensively manage the adventure with safety being our priority. We ensure a healthy guide to trekker ratio, a safe yet surreal route and constantly stay updated on weather information during the trek. The signi´Čücant experience of our team also holds us in good stead on this broader aspect. In the case of any emergency procedures, we co-ordinate with the medical services and helicopter rescue services to ensure a prompt response. All cost of such emergencies are required to be covered by travel insurance or by the traveller personally.